Verb Forms

  • 1st Form: Simple or Present Tense
  • 2nd Form : Past Tense
  • 3rd Form : Past Participle
  • -ing Form : Present Participle
  • -s/es Form : Present Simple Tense
List of Verbs
1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form -ing Form -s/es Form Examples
Abide (पालन ​​करना) Abode/Abided Abode/Abided/Abidden Abiding Abides View Examples
Abuse (गाली देना) Abused Abused Abusing Abuses View Examples
Accuse (दोष लगाना) Accused Accused Accusing Accuses View Examples
Advise (सलाह देना) Advised Advised Advising Advises View Examples
Answer (जवाब देना) Answered Answered Answering Answers View Examples
Agree (सहमत होना) Agreed Agreed Agreeing Agrees View Examples
Appear (प्रकट होना) Appeared Appeared Appearing Appears View Examples
Play (खेलना) Played Played Playing Plays View Examples
Work (काम करना) Worked Worked Working Works View Examples
Sing (गाना) Sang Sung Singing sings View Examples
Have (पास होना) Had Had Having Has View Examples
Do (करना) Did Done Doing Does View Examples